Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Perceptions of Change

Faded & fragile,
The pigments of summer etched across the driveway. 
A masterpiece,
Soon to be pieces in the afternoon breeze. 
Line by line,
Shaded in by youthful naviety. 
Her forever,
Threatened by a wisp, by the reality of tomorrow. 

Twirling in the rays. 
Drinking in the vigor, the warmth of today burns her skin. 
Behind her, a faithful companion. 
Protecting her back, until she turns around to face the day.
A tied race. Until darkness wins out, consuming the mine. 
Yet silence continues. 

The colors streak across the ashy sky,
Blurring the pane seen through the window. 
A warped promise, 
Bending perceptions of the here & now. 
She looks up,
The bent display, a miracle's reflection. 

When change is your only constant,
All that's temporary is permanence. 

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