Tuesday, August 12, 2014

She Didn't Know

She faces towards the flawless moon,
Glancing at the boy by her side,
Breathless at the thought of something new,
Can't help but smile as she looks into his eyes.  

Her senses tingle as their fingers intertwine,
Summer breeze flushes her skin,
Beating heart, waiting for that sign,
To tell her it's safe to love again. 

Nervous as she wonders what's in store,
Could this be the one she's waited for? 

But she didn't know,
That in her hands she held the boy of her dreams. Protecting her was above all his other needs. Someday he wanted this girl to be his wife. Wanting her every day of his life. Just like every star in the sky, she can't count the ways...

She didn't know. 

What started as just friends,
Could lead to the fairy tale end. 
With romance & laughter,
They could find a happily ever after. 

But she didn't know.
That he was the one god had picked just for her, and being together made them both feel more whole.  
she loved him and that fact she was sure,
She had finally found the other half of her soul. 

And just like every star in the sky. She can't count the ways... 

That now she just knew. 

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