Saturday, January 3, 2015

Re-evaulate the "friend-zone"

Let's face it girls, we all have one. Both a friend zone, and the friends we put into it who treat us better than all the guys we've dated or liked, combined. Yet, we go around complaining that fairy tales aren't real life & Prince Charming is MIA. But here's the thing, the sweet, caring, gentlemen are the ones in that zone. They open the doors for us & we shut it right in their face. 

Instead, we tend to fall for guys that play hard to get & wonder why they are hard to keep. Or the ones who say all the right things, but then can't walk the walk. The players we think will want to surrender the game when they meet us. Or the guys who are more into themselves than anyone else. 

But here's the kicker: Boys that think they have nothing to lose will confidently hit on you, and as girls, we think, oh my gosh he noticed me, this is THE one. But ladies, it shouldn't be they have "nothing to lose". You are everything. And they shouldn't want to lose you....
Which is exactly what the guys in your friend zone have realized, and they are willing to wait years just for that reason. They don't want to let you go in any capacity, so they settle with just being your friend in order to stay in your life. 

The crazy thing is, that most successful marriages stem from being friends first. And yet, we overlook our friends in hopes of some love-at-first-sight experience with a "perfect" stranger. But the guys that get to know you, spend quality time with you, and make you laugh are the ones you need. So look at your friend-zone. 

He's probably there waiting patiently for you to see what's right in front of you.

And to boys that are stuck in that zone: It is possible to move your way from friend to Mr. Right. Trust me, the one I fell for waited 5 years... Urban legends do come true. 

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