Thursday, July 9, 2015

Unexpected Life Lessons

1. Lose & Find
Ironically, absence shows us what we really have, giving us the chance to find the value in our possessions. Often it is when we lose something that we take the time to re-evaluate and reminisce; to cherish. It's when things are missing that we really find everything -- perspective. 

2. Give lots of 'presence'.
As you grow older you find that time is the most precious of gifts & you must choose to spend and give it wisely. You will never regret making time for those you love, for your passion, worshiping God, or giving in service to others. It doesn't matter the possessions or money you can give to the world, choose to give lots of presence in those areas and receive joy in return. 

3. Be random. 
Spend a minute, hour, or day selflessly giving to others by performing random acts of kindness. Go out of your way to make someone else smile and I promise you'll find the happiness you're searching for, both for yourself & for others. 
*If you're up for the challenge, I recommend doing one act of kindness for each year of your life, on your next birthday. For those of you over 25, add the digits of your age instead!*

4. Choose inconvenience
Flying across the Atlantic isn't always easy, and driving to a lower income area of town by yourself late at night can be scary. Using your free time to go to a meeting isn't ideal, and walking 2 miles in the heat is not relaxing. But sometimes inconvenient things are the most rewarding. Like, realizing that flight is leading you to teach English to little children, and inside that home on the other side of the tracks is a little girl who wants nothing more than a friend, and not a bully. The meeting you sat through gets you certified to grant wishes to kids with life threatening diseases and you walked to raise money for research to end Alzheimer's. Investing in something bigger than yourself will actually make your heart just that, bigger.

5. Get lost. 
In a great book.  In the story of a stranger. In your imagination. In the eyes of someone you love. Let your sense of adventure wander and it will take you places you never expected. We love to have things planned out for us every step of the way, but it's okay to take the long route, make detours, step outside your comfort zone and explore your surroundings. The only map you need is beating in your chest. 

6. Don't ask. Just believe.
In a world where you can Google literally anything imaginable, it is easy to get caught up in having to know the answers for every little thing. While knowledge is power, there is definitely a higher power available. Trust in Him. Breathe. Take a step of faith. Be confident & you'll do things you never thought possible. 

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