Sunday, April 13, 2014

My "Bucket" List

The following is a list of all the things I want to complete in my lifetime. In no particular I would like to...

Travel to Paris
Learn to play guitar
Save a life
Meet David Beckham
Toss a penny in the Trevi Fountain
Scuba diving 
Name a star
Feed a panda
Walk through a tulip field
Get a henna tattoo
Stomp grapes
Read all "the classics"
See the Wonders of the world
Play with a penguin
Hike up a mountain
Kiss the Blarney Stone
Write a song
Go to Cinderella's Castle
Visit my ancestors in Denmark
Get baptized
Go parasailing
Attend a music festival
Celebrate NYE in NYC
See a kangaroo in Australia
Fly 1st class
Take a hot air balloon ride
Go to a drive in movie
Write on Juliet's wall in Verona 
Take a picture with Audrey Hepburn & Marilyn Monroe's stars 
Learn another language
Be on the Today Show
Let go of a floating lantern
Get a belly button ring
Celebrate my 50th wedding anniversary
Walk through AOII Headquarters
See the magic at Harry Potter world 
Have an author sign their book

Here's a list of the ones I've already completed...

Kiss a stranger (Sorry mom!)
Take ballroom dancing lessons
Publish my writing professionally
Shop the Mall of America
Go on a missions trip
See a broadway musical
Be in 2 places at one time
Finish a color run 
Read the bible cover to cover in a year
Gamble in Vegas
Breakfast at Tiffany's 
Sing for hundreds of people
Run a 5k
RAKs on my birthday
Graduate from high school & college

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