Thursday, May 15, 2014

Whatever Happened to Romance?

Whatever happened to romance? I mean pure, selfless, head over heels, take-a-chance, show the world, beautiful, poetic romance.... I truly fear that our generation has completely missed out on the grandeur of love; hollowing it down and confining it to the limits of 140 characters.

In today's world, being "romantic" involves text messages and the words 'hang out'.  Facebook messages popping up 'hey' and tweeting, hoping your words are interpreted by your intended reader.  People being as indirect and vague as humanly possible to avoid being forward or getting hurt. I call it the sub-text of dating.

I'm not asking that everyday be like a fairytale. In fact, my wish for the world is to stop living in the fantasy and start being real and raw with one another. To get to know someone outside of the bubbles of a text message and the go-to LOL response. How about... Laugh out loud. With another person. In the same room.

You can tell the world the things you 'like' all over social media. So tell it to them. To their face. Not their Facebook...
 Stop thinking of everything in the terms of 'insta' and instead take your time.
Open doors. And close all the chats.
Send flowers, or balloons, or love letters, not friend requests.
Know their story. Don't watch it through Snapchat. Be apart of it.

Vow never to use the abbreviations, when language is limitless.

 Let's start to pursue the idea of pursuing...

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